From IFMK Law Employment Practices Training Attendees:



“Great presentation. Learned a lot. Best seminar I have been to in quite a while.”


“Way the material is presented is great to make it memorable.”


“Knowledgeable on subject matter. Presented perfectly.”


“Great case examples!”


“Both presenters were very knowledgeable. Probably the most informative and best seminar I have attended.”


“Extremely helpful!”


“I use the examples provided again and again.”


“Very knowledgeable and explained content well.”


“Great presentation and speaking skill.”


“Thank you! Very informative.”


“Good Power Points. Good use of test.”


“Good explanation of complex topics.”


“I always learn something new to use!”


“Aligns with knowledge needed for an HR office.”




“Excellent – always learn something new every time.”


“Kept my interest.”


“Great instructor!”


“Very productive presentation.”


“She’s great.”


“Very good! Useful information.”


“Detailed and focused – Great!!”


“Presenters openness to questions is two thumbs up.”




“All of the classes were very informative.”


“Both attorneys did an excellent job. Thanks for holding these types of seminars!”


“I’m a new administrator – helpful.”


“Spectacular speaker. Engaging. Good examples.”


“Excellent and explained very clearly.”


“Very informational – lots of work to do!”


“Well prepared and knowledgeable.”


“Always excellent – thank you for your time!”


“Overall very informative training.”